What A Crisis Can Teach Us About The Impact Of Healthcare Data

Among many other things, COVID-19 has shown us the importance of data for healthcare to predict, prepare, and respond in an effective and structured manner to a global health crisis. We need data to determine the current virus status, document the spread and calculate the curve.

To mitigate the spread, real-time data collection, governance and analysis are essential. Not only does the pandemic outline the impact of data, it also makes clear that data could be used more efficiently. We need data to be accessible and accurate for future crises. Leverage is the key to take strategic data-based measures early on – but without compromising privacy and security.

(source: https://hitconsultant.net/2020/06/23/ways-healthcare-leaders-can-use-data-analytics-pandemic/#.XviEJudCTgk)

The death of George Floyd this June has rocked the United States with grief and anger. Primeau Consulting Group (PCG) agrees with the American Health Information Association (AHIMA) and with many Health Information Management (HIM) professionals that racism is a public health issue, and that “general health and wellness can be linked to factors such as social and environmental disparities, economic stability, and behavioral and mental health, which are often stratified by race. We believe that collecting and reporting these social determinants of health (SDOH) data can help us push for data-driven changes and tear down barriers to building better health outcomes and achieving health equity.”

(source: https://www.ahima.org/topics/june2020)

Data plays an essential role in times of crisis. Now is the time to ensure trust in data to understand, track, and solve problems to create better health for all. Primeau Consulting Group has announced the development of its Information Governance (IG) Assessment and Consulting Services to help healthcare organizations make better decisions by assessing data and information, identifying sensitive information assets and developing a governance program to align with its strategic goals. The IG Assessment is powered by its partnership with CompliancePro Solutions™.

Information governance is not just a single project – it is an ongoing process with repeated practice, improvements, and reassessments. Ensuring staff members are properly educated on IG is a key issue for providers.

The latest crises have demonstrated the need for better information and data in order to respond to massive challenges. Healthcare organizations need the right information at the right time to make sound decisions. We all have the ability to get involved in health equity, and it’s our responsibility to do that.


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