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  • PCG Press Release IG Solutions Lomita, California June 2020 – Primeau Consulting Group announces Information Governance Assessment and Consulting Services.
    Primeau Consulting Group (PCG) has announced the development of its Information Governance (IG) Assessment and Consulting Services to help healthcare organizations make better decisions by assessing data and information, identifying sensitive information assets and developing a governance program to align with its strategic goals. The IG Assessment is powered by its partnership with… click here to continue
  • PCG Press Release CompliancePro Solutions
    Torrance, California March 10, 2014 – Primeau Consulting Group announces partnership with CompliancePro Solutions.
    Primeau Consulting Group has announced a partnership with CompliancePro Solutions, a Columbus, Ohio based software and services company that provides solutions to address patient privacy and security.“We welcome the opportunity topartner with another company that cares as deeply about privacy and security as we do,”said Debra Primeau, President of Primeau Consulting Group. “This partnership will allow Primeau Consulting Group clients to have the tools, software and services they need… click here to continue

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