Healthcare Trends In 2023

The end of 2022 is looming, and it’s time to get out the crystal ball and share some thoughts on what to expect for healthcare in 2023.


2022 has allowed healthcare organizations to work toward achieving a new normal in terms of patient care delivery. Even after the pandemic ends, patients expect to use virtual care.


Mobile apps, telehealth, hospital at home, and digital health tools build another layer of care. In 2023, there’ll probably be an acceleration of digital adoption and transformation.


Retail giants like CVS, Amazon, and Walgreens are entering the area of healthcare with multibillion-dollar acquisitions adding healthcare to their offerings. Convenience and affordable easy access are demanded, and healthcare organizations need to understand and meet this demand in the coming year.


Providing an outstanding patient experience is a top priority for hospitals and health systems. If they can achieve this, health systems can position themselves for stable growth in the future. 

Digital and virtual health are here to stay. For many conditions, care can be provided more efficiently and cost-effectively at a distance.




“Wearable devices will be increasingly used by individuals during 2023 to track their own health and exercise activity, as well as by clinicians to monitor patients remotely. In 2023, we will increasingly see wearable medical devices acting as “edge” devices, which means they will be equipped with processors and capable of utilizing in-device analytics rather than requiring that data be sent back and forward between the device and the cloud to be processed.” Artificial intelligence and big data combined with the cloud provide a great opportunity to get smarter about what people need.




2022 taught us many lessons, but most of all, it equipped us to successfully face new challenges. As we move into the new year, 2023 gets ready to be the first-year post-pandemic where the focus may be on artificial intelligence, data-driven local market models, and improved retention in healthcare, according to a report out of Syneos Health.




2023 will be another year of significant change. We at PCG do our best to provide excellent service and innovative solutions to help improve healthcare. For more information on how PCG can assist you, visit 






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